NYC to Hillsborough, NJ


My first blog entry and it is also the first night of our first ride! We left Central Park in New York City, with chilly but gorgeous weather, and rode through Manhattan across the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey. As it warmed up, so did the spirits of the 19 cyclists. We also had a guest driver who cycled across country last year, Anish. Without much physical harm, except the unexpected fall because I didn’t clip out fast enough and the flying box that almost ran me over, we all made it to our destination approximately 12 hours later, some much earlier than others, due to misdirections and of course my favorite, cycling on the highway, one I never wish to experience again. It was a fabulous first day and I am excited for our trip to Philadelphia tomorrow…I am going to expereince my first Philly Cheese Steak!


Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and wished me well. I will try to post as often as possible, but due to our crazy riding schedules and locations I can’t promise an everyday blog!

Peace, Love, and Cycling 

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