Hills Hills and More Hills

We’ve been getting better and better at making our mornings more efficient. We left by 7:30 am and have been cutting our morning time by about 5 minutes everyday. We hope to be leaving by 7am most mornings. The morning was partly cloudy and cool but the sun warmed us up by mid afternoon. As we left Boonsboro the rolling hills we hit were only a preview of what was to come. The afternoon was filled with many steep steep climbs. Our first big one was about 2 miles up with no breaks. This has by far been the hardest day of the ride. We did have a fantastic lunch in a PA state park. There was a large lake that everyone jumped in before we ate. We were entertained by a CD Jon found on the side of the road entitled “Summer Pimpin Foo!” Everyone finished before 7:30 so today was a great success. We stayed at the Everett United Methodist Church and were fed a fantastic sit down meal. We leave at dawn.

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