Greetings from Philadelphia!

Greetings from the City of Brotherly Love! We are currently in Philadelphia, PA staying at the Sheraton Hotel where Jon Kolinski’s brother has graciously put us up for the night – a big thank you to him!
The morning began with a 6:00 am wake up call at the Thakkar house in Hillsborough, NJ. After packing the van and copying the route we had finished breakfast and were ready to hit the road around 8 am. The morning part of today’s ride was a bit different from our first day with not much traffic and many more scenic back roads along with hills! After stopping for lunch in Doylestown, PA we continued on for awhile before merging onto a bike path that took us right into downtown Philadelphia. The streets of Philadelphia proved to be a little tricky to navigate but by 7:00 pm everyone had managed to find their way to a meeting point just up the road from the hotel finishing with about 80 miles on the day.
The Greater Philadelphia Illini Alumni Club catered dinner for us tonight at the hotel bringing us a true Philadelphia meal consisting of Philadelphia cheesesteak’s, hoagies, soft pretzels and many other delicious foods ensuring nobody left hungry. The generosity and work that went into arranging this meal was appreciated by all – thank you Philadelphia Alumni!
We will cross into our third state in three days tomorrow as we head to Newark, Delaware. Be sure to check back then for our latest updates from the road.

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