Everitt, PA

Hi everyone! We just arrived in Everitt, PA, and were treated with a wonderful meal of lasagne from our hosts. People have been incredibly generous with us thus far; its really astounding. I’m glad to find so many Americans sympathetic to the fight against cancer!

The riding has been really enjoyable. Here is an example of one of the intersections from today’s ride:

The weather has been really cooperative; we’ve had nothing aside from relatively clear skies! Today’s trek was long and difficult, though. We had several very steep grades to ascend. This also provided for some fun descents. At the top of one climb, we were able to swim in beautiful mountain lake! Brad broke his personal best speed by exceeding 44 mph!

Some of the cooler things I’ve seen on the ride thus far include countless bridges, and an oil refinery. The refinery had some enormous sphere storage facilities. The cloud cover is really neat here in the mountains as well. I enjoy recognizing cloud types very much.

My bike is holding up great, and treating me very well. I’ve cycled thus far without incident!

Until next time, JMK

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