Weekend Training Ride

This past weekend, the Illini 4000 team did an extended ride out to Kickapoo State Park, where we camped overnight, and rode back today. The eighty miles on Saturday were pretty nice-the wind was with us for the most part, and the practice helped boost our confidence as a team. Today’s ride was very challenging, particularly because of the headwind. Fortunately, Praveen is now training with us. He pushed Ben and I along in the lead group. After the ride, we filled up at Allen Hall, with a delicious Sunday brunch. We ate like kings!

The canines were out in force, and had some crazy form of endurance. One kept up with us at about 19 mph for over half a mile! An older dog with white fur also became curious when we stopped at an intersection-he was old enough not to pose a threat, and his persistent howling provided comic relief.

I’m looking forward to the trip. I think meeting people struggling with cancer will really change the tune from how cycling-centered the training rides have been. This past week, we saw the documentary of last year’s trip, where the riders spoke about how affecting it was to meet people who’ve battled cancer, or are currently battling cancer. This trip will really open our eyes!

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