So, we’ve begun our trip already, by training in advance with Saturday rides. We’re gradually ramping up the mileage as the team gets used to riding as a together. Already, we’re able to communicate readily, and ride in a tight pack to increase efficiency.

In order to keep things in perspective, so we don’t forget the purpose of our ride, we’re reviewing pieces from the Portraits Project, which was completed last year, before our training rides. This helps us keep in mind why it is that we’re riding. Part of my personal effort will be to read up as much as I can about factors affecting cancer, and cancer prevention. As with all humanity, I share the idea that proactivity and knowledge can help defer the onset of diseases, though cancer certainly seems to strike indiscriminately. I hope to share the facts I uncover with people across the U.S. For instance, at the intensity levels of EM radiation at which cell phones function, IEM < 1.6 W/kg, no tumors have been known to develop in test animals. It is only when test animals are exposed for prolonged periods of time to intensities ~4 times greater than this, that the animals developed tumors. So, we can tentatively say it is safe to speak with our cellphones, without worry of developing brain tumors. This says nothing about the danger of driving while using a cellphone, however! Hey, I’m a cyclist. I’m sensitive to that topic, in particular…

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