Polar bears, wild chases and stealth

The weekend of camping was good exposure to figure out what kind of routine needs to be developed over the summer. I now know what items will be necessary and what to expect on a typical day.

I drove the van on Saturday and on Sunday managed a 40 miler with John and Ben breaking the wind for me. My knee feels pretty good! Minus a few small twinges of pain, it’s becoming the knee I always knew it was.

The rule of 3 works out nicely. The three of us got to ride past a dog with unbelievable stamina and a penchant for chasing riders as well as a dog that resembled a polar bear in many ways. Luckily the second dog was slower than a polar bear and didn’t harass us too much. After the first dog, we were cautious about riding past places with dogs and tried to sneak by their houses without their knowledge.

One thing we didn’t get to do this weekend was to interact with those who have experience with cancer. I don’t know what to expect on that front. It will almost surely change my perception of the life I live and they way I live it.

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