first post! i win.
gonna be cold this weekend so we’re not riding to arthur. the ride last week to monticello was great – super flat road and nice weather. i’m trying to do a better job of riding with people who ride at the same pace as i do so that i don’t get too far ahead or too far behind. i think amy does a good job of keeping up, i’m not sure who else, but we’ve got a couple thousands miles to figure that out, no?

right now i’m trying to do a better job of stepping up and making us really feel like a team, especially if i want to be a ride leader. we’re a team, whether we realize that or not…there’s some people that i don’t even know yet, and that needs to be fixed! we’re gonna be spending the WHOLE summer with just each other, we’re gonna have to rely on each other and support each other for almost three straight months…it’s time to start acting like a team, being family.

ya knowz?

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