Getting Huge to Fight Cancer

    With the spring season upon us, the name of the game for the Illini 4000 is training.  For us, this means watching a lot of Tae-Bo videos in fast motion and a strict regiment of steroids (just kidding).                                                    

     For the last two weeks, the team has been working hard spending their Saturdays training in preparation for the summer.  On March 29th, we completed our first outdoor ride to Homer Lake!  This fun filled 36 miles was a little rough at first, but a headwind in the morning always makes for smooth sailing in the afternoon.  Only one short week later, the team upped the ante and completed a 55 mile ride to Monticello and back (Not the one in Virginia).  Having worked out all of the kinks and equipment issues the week before, the team focussed on communication and safe riding while in a group.  The improvement was astounding, and it all culminated with a trip to Jarlings Custard Cup for celebratory ice cream.  This weekend, the 2008 team will be facing its greatest challenge yet as we attempt our first full length ride together: an 80 mile round trip to Arthur, Illinois and back! 

     Great job so far guys.  It’s amazing to think that in one month, this rag tag bunch will be transformed into the cross-country cycling machine that is the Illini 4000!  – Nick Ludmer, Co-Director

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